If you're looking for an idea that will make your birthday party different, we have a few ideas for you. Moreover, you do not need to allocate high budgets for this, either...

1 Personalise your party;

Personalise your birthday cake with a personalised cake topper. Gold, rose gold and silver are still the most classic and popular colors for personalised cake toppers, but if you are looking for a more colorful party, you can also choose red, blue, pink or green glitter card stock papers.

2 Make your table attention-grabbing with personalised products;

Confetti or centerpieces to decorate your party table will complement your party. For a strong effect, we recommend that your cake topper and other party decoration products be the same color.

3 Make your walls a part of the party;

A personalised colored banner that you will hang on the wall of the party venue will both attract attention and be a good background for those who want to take photos. You can choose glitter letters for a more elegant look. You can personalise your banner with your name or age.